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Country Session 1: Malaysia Energy Roadmap: Now, Tomorrow and the Future

28 Feb 2024
Plenary Hall, Level 1
Energy Evolution Exchange

This session will explore key aspects shaping the nation's energy landscape. Discover how Malaysia balances energy security and the productivity of oil and gas in its energy mix while driving decarbonization across the value chain. Explore sustainability and new energy sources, along with policies addressing investment, financing, and liquidity issues.

While oil and gas have been integral to Malaysia's growth, the session highlights the urgency of decarbonizing the energy value chain. Learn about its strategies to transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future while acknowledging the importance of oil and gas in the short to medium term.

Discover Malaysia's focus on sustainability and integration of new energy sources. The session showcases efforts in promoting renewables, energy efficiency, and innovative technologies. Malaysia aims to foster a supportive ecosystem for clean energy development, harnessing the potential of solar, wind, hydro, and other renewables.