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Technical Panel Session 9: Carbon Chronicles: Policies, Standards, Reporting, and Collaboration

01 Mar 2024
Conference Hall 3, Level 3
Energy Evolution Exchange

This session explores the crucial role of carbon policy and standardization in promoting sustainable development across Asia. With the urgent need to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, countries in Asia are increasingly adopting comprehensive carbon policies and implementing standardized frameworks.

This session will provide insights into the current landscape of carbon policy in Asia, highlighting key initiatives and regulatory frameworks that have been put in place to drive decarbonization efforts.

  • Role of carbon policy and standardisation in promoting sustainable development in Asia
  • Carbon reporting: Developing robust carbon reporting guidelines that foster consistency and transparency 
  • Fostering knowledge exchange, collaboration, and adoption of effective carbon policies and standardisation practices in Asia for a sustainable and low-carbon future
  • Best practices for measuring, reporting, and verifying carbon emissions 
  • Emission standards and regulations: Toward regional alignment
  • Collaborative initiatives and partnerships: Capacity building and information sharing among stakeholders to drive collective action