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Focus Session 1: Energising Borneo: Unleashing Sustainable Energy Development and Strategies

Wednesday, 28 February
Conference Hall 2, Level 3
Focus Session

This session will bring you on a journey into the heart of Borneo's energy landscape, where top industry leaders and visionaries will converge to share cutting-edge insights, developments, and strategies in the realm of energy. Key discussion topics may include:

  • Unveiling Borneo's Energy Potential: Discover the region's untapped energy resources and the latest geological findings that hold the promise of powering nations for generations to come.
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions: Explore the forefront of green energy innovations and strategies that will drive Borneo towards a low-carbon and sustainable future. Industry leaders will present case studies of successful projects and share their insights into the future of renewable energy.
  • Collaborative Opportunities and Partnerships: Learn about cross-border collaborations and partnerships among Borneo's energy giants, as they combine forces to address common challenges, leverage expertise, and drive the energy transition forward.
  • Balancing Traditional and Modern/Future Energy Sources: Delve into the dynamics of balancing traditional energy sources with the growing demand for modern and sustainable solutions. Experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities in bridging the gap between conventional and renewable energy.
  • Ecosystem Readiness: Gain insights into how Borneo has shared commitment to biodiversity and eco-conscious policies to increase efforts in harnessing renewable resources, strategies and investments in green infrastructure for sustainable transportation and waste management, while addressing challenges and innovative solutions to balance economic growth with environmental conversation.
  • Powering Communities: Hear inspiring stories of how energy initiatives are empowering local communities, fostering socio-economic development, and improving the quality of life in remote areas.
Datuk Bacho Pilong, Senior Vice President, Malaysia Petroleum Management - PETRONAS