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Technical Panel 4: GHG Reduction Pathways: Transitioning into a Net-Zero Future

Thursday, 29 February
Conference Hall 3, Level 3
Technical Panel

This panel session focuses on pathways and strategies to help energy companies achieve net-zero emissions by minimising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their operations. The session will delve into key topics related to GHG management, offering insights into cutting-edge solutions and best practices.

The session will kick off by addressing the pressing methane challenges associated with existing facilities. Industry experts will share innovative approaches to tackle methane emissions, outlining practical measures to identify and reduce fugitive emissions, thus curbing one of the most potent GHGs responsible for global warming.

Another essential aspect of the panel discussion will be centered on designing low-carbon footprint facilities. The focus will be on harnessing cutting-edge compressor technology to create environmentally friendly infrastructure. By adopting greener compression methods, energy companies can significantly mitigate their carbon footprint and pave the way towards sustainable operations.

Decarbonisation through electrification will also take centre stage, as experts highlight the potential of reducing reliance on diesel fuel in coiled tubing operations. By transitioning to electricity, energy companies can enhance energy efficiency while curbing emissions.

Lastly, the transformative impact of technology and digitalisation will be examined in emissions reduction and energy efficiency improvements. Innovations in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT solutions have the potential to revolutionise GHG management in the energy sector.

Through this panel session, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of key strategies to achieve net-zero emissions, fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the journey towards a sustainable and greener future for energy companies.

Pannawat Nilkitsaranont, Vice President, Facilities Design and Solutions - Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production
Du Weidong, Deputy Director General, QHSE Department - China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
Makoto Shimouchi, Deputy Director, Hydrogen & CCS Project Department - Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security
Wira Abadi Sharkawi, General Manager, Physical Decarbonisation, Carbon Management Division, Upstream - PETRONAS
Kahina Abdeli-Galinier, Director Emissions Business - SLB
Nurzalina Jamaluddin, Vice President, Low Carbon Ventures - Hibiscus Petroleum