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Country Session 4: China

Thursday, 29 February
Conference Hall 2, Level 3
Country Session

With the continuous growth of global energy demand, the potential of untapped offshore resources has garnered more attention. Many countries, including China, have witnessed more offshore exploration and development, driven by evolving technologies.

The China Session will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies related to deep sea oil and gas drilling and completion, beach sea oil field development, marine natural gas hydrates, gas, as well as CCUS. You will have the chance to exchange ideas with experts from China’s top energy State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and universities.

Fu Yongqiang, Vice President, RIPED - CNPC
Fang Wenyan, Co-CEO - Roc Oil Company
Wei Na, Dean, Marine Natural Gas Hydrates Department - Southwest Petroleum University
Rui Zhenhua, Distinguished Chair Professor and Associate Dean of Carbon Neutrality Future Technology - China University of Petroleum, Beijing
Dou Lirong, Executive Director and President, RIPED - CNPC