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Country Session 6: Indonesia - Emerging Collaboration Opportunities in the Evolving Energy Landscape

Thursday, 29 February
Conference Hall 2, Level 3
Country Session

Discussions will delve into Indonesia's diverse energy portfolio, encompassing conventional resources such as oil and gas, alongside exploring the potential for low-carbon initiatives and decarbonization. The spotlight will be on oil and gas exploration as the primary driver for traditional fossil fuel businesses, and on CCS/CCUS for sustainability initiatives, respectively.

Amidst the evolving energy landscape, it becomes imperative to identify and leverage emerging collaboration opportunities that can drive transformative change. By leaning on collaborative frameworks, stakeholders can not only fortify Indonesia's energy businesses but also foster innovation.

Particular attention will be given to the interactive role of international and national entities in partnership with government bodies, collectively contributing to shaping a dynamic and inclusive energy landscape. Engaging in the discussion offers an opportunity to explore the potential of collaborative partnerships in reinforcing Indonesia's legacy energy businesses and advancing sustainable practices for a more comprehensive and resilient energy future.

Muhammad Luthfi, Sub-Coordinator of Unconventional Oil and Gas Working Areas Offering - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Indonesia
Justin Murphy, Senior Vice President, Business Development - ExxonMobil Indonesia
Yuzaini Md Yusoff, President Director and Country Head - PETRONAS Carigali Indonesia
Ryan Seike, Indonesia Area Director - Baker Hughes
Henricus Herwin, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Investment - PT Pertamina (Persero)