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Focus Session 3: Opportunities and Challenges for the Offshore Wind Industry in Asia Pacific

Friday, 1 March
Room 408-409, Level 4
Focus Session Energy Evolution Exchange

The offshore wind energy sector in the Asia Pacific region is experiencing rapid growth while simultaneously facing a unique set of challenges. Each country within the region has its own distinct requirements concerning infrastructure, workforce, and supply chain. This variation amplifies the complexity and cost of offshore wind projects. Moreover, the region’s susceptibility to natural disasters, such as typhoons and earthquakes, necessitates the development of robust infrastructure design and innovative engineering solutions.

Apart from technical and engineering challenges, offshore wind development involves complex governance challenges. These encompass issues related to marine spatial planning, environmental impact assessment, and grid connectivity. The significant challenge of securing financing for offshore wind projects persists, as investors often exercise caution due to perceived risks associated with emerging markets and the substantial initial capital investment required.

This session will delve into strategies, technologies, opportunities, and challenges associated with expanding offshore wind energy in the region. It will explore best practices derived from experiences in other regions, which can be adapted to address the supply chain challenges in the area and promote regional cooperation.

Edgare Kerkwijk, Board Member - Asia Wind Energy Association