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Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 1

Wednesday, 28 February
Hall 6A Foyer, Level 1
  • 1030-1050 34705
    Application of 4D Geomechanical in Fault Sealing Capacity Evaluation of Underground Gas Storage-A Case Study from China
    X. Huang, M. Wang, X. Guo, M. Xu, X. Long, Downhole service company of Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited
  • 1030-1050 34882
    Development and Successful Field Application of a Novel Low Solids, Brine-based, HTHP Well Testing Fluid
    P. Mudgal, Halliburton Baroid Drilling Fluids; R. Navarro, M. Dhavle, V. Lavale, H. Jadwani, M. Khati, H. Zhou, Halliburton
  • 1030-1050 34755
    Pushing the Limits of Coiled Tubing Intervention in Mega-Reach Wells: A Success Story Offshore India
    A. Mirani, S. Tripathi, A. Srivastav, R. Chandak, Halliburton
  • 1030-1050 34713
    Advanced Coring System: A Disruptive Technology for Real-Time Logging While Coring, Saving Rig Time And Revolutionizing Operations in Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Y.J. Nunez, M. Al Nuaimi, A. Al Hammadi, Adnoc Onshore; A. Radovanovic, P. Berger, A. M├Ątzel, CoreAll
  • 1030-1050 34734
    Unexpected Rapid Corrosion In Mooring Chains Explained
    D.G. Bennet, P. Roffey, Intertek
  • 1030-1050 34724
    Enhancing Fuel Efficiency in Onshore Drilling Rigs through Generator Power Management: A Sustainable Approach to Reduce Diesel Consumption
    I. Chandharabhanich, B. Mekkerdchoo, T. Pensook, S. Amranand, W. Dejdamrongpreecha, S. Jiratawaree, S. Madahin, C. Thongthanawat, S. Amornratanaphan, V. Ruangvanichayakul, T. Kreethapon, S. Panthuvichien, C. Sairuk, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd.
  • 1030-1050 34732
    Research Analysis of Reforming Hydrogen Fuel for FLNG Application
    W.L. Chan, Newcastle University in Singapore; I.C. Tam, Newcastle University; A.K. Dev, Newcastle University in Singapore (NUiS)
  • 1030-1050 34719
    Gold Hydrogen - New Opportunities from Surface Processing Perspective
    M. Mohd Sahak, N. Nik Mohd Daud, M. Myo Thant, E.A. Jones Jr, Petroliam Nasional Berhad
  • 1030-1050 34767
    Pore Pressure Prediction Using Machine Learning Method
    Y. Gao, M. Chen, CNOOC Zhanjiang Ltd.; P. Liu, G. Yan, SLB; D. Sun, J. Wu, CNOOC Zhanjiang Ltd.; L. Liang, Y. Huang, Y.J. Huang, M. Sun, SLB
  • 1030-1050 34748
    Intelligent Prediction and Geomechanical Analysis of Well Leakage in High Temperature and High Pressure Wells in the South China Sea
    Y. Zhao, J. Yang, K. Yang, D. Xu, H. Zhu, X. Zhang, Z. Han, Z. Wen, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
  • 1030-1050 34687
    Sanding Onset and Volumetric Sand Production in Gas Hydrate-bearing Sediment
    Y. Wang, Petro-Geotech Inc.
  • 1030-1050 34855
    Efficient and Robust Methodology for Carbon Reduction Road Map Definition
    C. Bladanet, H. Heng, F. Jamal Hisne, Genesis Energies
  • 1030-1050 34827
    Revisiting Production Outlook in a Mature Offshore Field: A Case Study On Exploring Opportunities To Increase Production Using Rigless Techniques
    S. Devsali, R. Unial, D. Gunwnt, ONGL
  • 1030-1050 34814
    Full Rigless Cable Deployed ESP System -Truly Eliminate Dependence on a Rig for Installing and Retrieving ESP String
    M. Zhao, Q. Li, Y. Hong, L. Zhu, L. Zhang, X. Lei, F. Xue, R. Dai, NOVA Rigless Technology Co., Ltd
  • 1030-1050 34809
    Experimental Investigation of the Effectiveness of Cement Expansion Additives for Improved Abandonment of High Rate Gas Wells
    A. Amra, Qatar Shell Service Co WLL