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Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 3

Wednesday, 28 February
Hall 6A Foyer, Level 1
  • 1530-1550 34750
    Engineered Scrubbing Fiber in Cement Spacer Improves Mud Removal
    A. Persaud, M. Munozrivera, SLB; S. Kapoor, Schlumberger Technology Corp.
  • 1530-1550 34864
    Numerical Simulation on Interaction Between the Supercritical Co2 and Water-rock in Tarim Basin
    Y. Zhang, P. Dong, S. Chen, Y. Chen, P. Cheng, B. Yang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1530-1550 34930
    A Novel Approach of Machine Learning Incorporating Physical Knowledge of Hook Load for Early Stuck Detection
    T. Inoue, Y. Nakagawa, T. Kaneko, JAMSTEC; R. Wada, The U. of Tokyo; S. Abe, JOGMEC; G. Yasutake, JAPEX
  • 1530-1550 34756
    Temporal Deep Learning Image Processing Model for Natural Gas Leak Detection Using OGI Camera
    M. Korjani, D. Conley, M. Smith, Clean Connect AI Inc.
  • 1530-1550 34764
    Machine Learning Prediction of the Lost Circulation Events at the Well Planning Stage
    V. Guillot, A. Ruzhnikov, M. Corona, F. Karpfinger, SLB
  • 1530-1550 34897
    Machine Learning Cement Quality Risk Assessment
    M. Salehabadi, M. Mohamad Yakup, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.; S. Chung, A. Buang, I. Jaafar, Brunei Shell Petroleum; D. Thanoon, C. Patel, Shell
  • 1530-1550 34810
    A Novel Hybrid CO2 Capture System From The Atmosphere (DAC)
    C. Wood, A. Aryana, CSIRO Energy
  • 1530-1550 34853
    Fracture Parameter Inversion in Geothermal Reservoir Using Deep Learning
    S. Sun, W. Wang, Y. Su, Y. Deng, H. Li, China U. of Petroleum, East China
  • 1530-1550 34651
    Enabling Sand Detection Using Multiphase Flow Meters by a Cloud-Based Digital System
    C. Bridge, G. Pisarev, A. Lupeau, OneSubsea
  • 1530-1550 34778
    Automated Machine Learning To Predict Lithology Based On Seismic Data
    K. Qaedi, S.M. Barker, A.J. Simanjuntak, T.Q. Tan, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Limited
  • 1530-1550 34770
    Performance Evaluation of Alkali Activated Kaolinite Clay as Oil and Gas Geopolymer Cement
    A. Melia, U. Teknologi Malaysia; A. Gbadamosi, King Fahd U. of Petroleum & Minerals; A.A. AGI, U. Malaysia Pahang; J. Oseh, R. Junin, U. Teknologi Malaysia