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Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 4

Thursday, 29 February
Hall 6A Foyer, Level 1
  • 1030-1050 34783
    Challenges and Opportunity in Delivering Low-cost Solution to Re-purpose Existing Pipelines Into Co2 Service for Ccus Project
    K.A. Karim, H. Hussien, S.L. Koi, N.A. Yusof, F.W. Ahmad Bahar, H. Abedul Talik, PETRONAS
  • 1030-1050 34921
    Advancing a Large-scale Carbon Capture, Transport and Offshore Storage Solution Towards Net Zero
    R. Chew, F. Wettland, E. Hammervold, J. Koll-Hansen Bo, T. Syverud, Altera Infrastructure
  • 1030-1050 34878
    Feasibility Assessment Towards Decarbonising Malaysia’s Longest Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
    N. Binti Yusof, H. Hussien, A. Jaafar, M. Mohamad, PETRONAS
  • 1030-1050 34757
    Unlocking the Reservoir Flow Evaluation and Water Saturation in a Low Formation Water Salinity Using Production Logging and Pulsed Neutron Neutron Logging While Lifting the Well by Flow Jet Pump in an Oil Well of Wafra Joint Operations
    J. l-Jeri, A. Mousa Ali, H. Mohammed Al-Kaabi, M. Ahmed, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company; M.H. Gobran, Senergy Oilfield Solutions
  • 1030-1050 34762
    Integrated Ensemble-modeling Study Utilising Well Surveillance Data and Interpreted Contacts for a Mature Malaysian Oilfield
    P. Benton, R. Gunarto, A. Yaacob, A. Tarmizi, T. Zainal, W. Wan Hasan, EnQuest; S. Soni, N. Musani, PETRONAS; S. Ducroux, Halliburton
  • 1030-1050 34739
    Enhancing Sand Management in Gas Field A: Integration of Acoustic Sand Monitoring with Online Sand Sampling for Improved Sand and Fines Detection
    A.R. Simatupang, Harbour Energy; J. Ambrose, M. Ramli, T. Ragunathan, A. Muslim, SMS Integrity; R. Agusta Harahap, F. Nurrahman, B.B. Natanagara, E. Tanjung, A. Satiawarman, Harbour Energy
  • 1030-1050 34799
    Water Flood Segment Review Processes And Utilising the Voidage Replacement Ratios & Efficiency Indices To Rationalise the Management of Water Floods in North Kuwait
    S. Alotaibi, S. Akhter, Y. Al-Otaibi, Kuwait Oil Company; H. Chetri, Baker Hughes; KOC- Kuwait
  • 1030-1050 34906
    Impact of Silica Blend Towards Early Compressive Strength Development of Well Cement Class G
    S. Ashraf, M. Bogaerts, H. Mohanaraju, SLB
  • 1030-1050 34980
    Antifoam Testing to Diminish Gas Entrainment in an Oil-Based Heating Medium
    M. Lehmann, INPEX Australia Pty. Ltd.; N. Fisher, M. Gloyn, S. Brunt, Baker Hughes; S. Tyers, INPEX Australia Pty Ltd
  • 1030-1050 34971
    Scale Inhibitor Dosage in Seawater Injection: Insights Into Long Term Advantages of Continuous Dosage and Implications of Inadequate Dosage
    R. Uniyal, S. Devshali, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
  • 1030-1050 34988
    Innovative And Novel Development Of A Dynamic Well Productivity Modeling And Performance Prediction System
    M.K. Mugharbil, J. Zahur, A.M. Al Shehri, SAOO, Saudi Aramco
  • 1030-1050 34934
    Application of a Flow Improver to Increase Production, Reduce Operating Cost and Carbon Emission at a Mature Oilfield
    T. Phan, I. Yunus, A. Said, ChampionX; W. Mohamed, M. Makled, Bapetco
  • 1030-1050 34886
    Application of Digital Twin Technology to 3D Seismic Iterative Processing and Dynamic Geological Modeling
    K. Chen, H. Zhao, J. Zheng, Y. Yang, Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Development Co., Ltd; Y. Ma, J. Shen, Seiser Energy Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd; X. Huang, Downhole service company of Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited