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Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 7

Friday, 1 March
Hall 6A Foyer, Level 1
  • 1030-1050 34676
    Reusing Existing Oil and Gas Wells for CO2 Storage with Machine Learning Algorithm
    R. Islam, R.N. Sohel, Texas A&M University; F. Redzuan, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; F. Hasan, Texas A&M University
  • 1030-1050 34667
    Successful Decarbonisation of Drilling Fluids by Using Highly Efficient Technology and Reduced Chemical Usage, Logistics, and Casing Sections
    G. Jardinez, Pemex; G. Villamil, J. Peralta, SLB; B. Balcom, J. Tiggelaar, CSA; A. Hernandez, R. Maldonado, IMPACT
  • 1030-1050 34781
    Unified Fracture Design Optimisation Under The Fracture Height Migration Of The Oligocene Formation, White Tiger Field
    T.N. Huu, M. Mai Duong Thi Quynh, PetrovietNam U..
  • 1030-1050 35020
    Research On Fatigue Damage Of Suction Pile In Deep Sea Drilling
    G. Zhu, J. Yang, S. Li, K. Jiang, J. Wang, K. Chen, Q. Xue, S. Jia, F. Huang, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1030-1050 35010
    Optimisation of Injection and Production Parameters for Water Gas Alternating Flooding in Deepwater Oilfield
    Z. Yang, Y. Li, Q. Luo, H. Sun, Z. Wang, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development
  • 1030-1050 35007
    SMEP ALARM Management Transformation
    M.B. Ahmad, S.U. Ahmed, S. Yong, Sabah Shell Berhad
  • 1030-1050 35003
    Semi-autonomous Telepresence Robot for Remote Offshore Wellhead Platform Inspection and Operations
    R. Vongasemjit, P. Jaroonsorn, O. Karantarat, T. Sripromma, A. Takutruea, S. Phansaeng, T. Jitnaknan, T. Pongpaket, W. Kaenkaew, P. Kriengkomol, AI & Robotics Ventures Co. Ltd.; P. Limpanachaipornkul, C. Suwanchatree, P. Limpanachaipornkul, S. Laikitmongkol, D. Taksanont, C. Chanvanichskul, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd
  • 1030-1050 35017
    Efficiency Below the Surface: Enhance Production with Subsea Seawater Injection and Treatment
    S. Yeaw, OneSubsea; S. Haruna, NOV
  • 1030-1050 35001
    Disruptive Structural Design Technique for Fixed Jacket-type Offshore Platforms
    P.K. Chatterjee, Dragon Oil Limited
  • 1030-1050 35015
    Enhancing Deepwater Formation Evaluation Using a Digital Wireline Standoff (WXSO)
    M.J. Hanson, G. Wheater, S. Huyton, L. Miller, L. Hyson, S.E. Ballou, R.J. Ford, X.A. Perez Garcia, A. Mendez, Gaia Earth Group
  • 1030-1050 34642
    Digital Twin System Utilising Hybrid Approach of Physics Model and Machine Learning for Pipe Stuck Early Identification and Warning Based on Real-Time Data
    Z. Jiawei, W. Haige, J. Guodong, Z. Lubin, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited; Z. Zhixue, Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institute of CNPC Daqing Drilling Engineering Company; L. Xiaoao, C. Weifeng, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited