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Strategic Panel 6: Current Investments and Future Financing

Friday, 1 March
Plenary Theatre, Level 3
Strategic Panel

This session explores financing and investment strategies for the energy transition. It examines government policies and incentives that accelerate decarbonization and encourage investment in future energy systems. It also delves into financing options like public-private partnerships to captilise on existing infrastructure and investing in current projects.

The session provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of financing and investment, showcasing the significance of regulations and partnerships for a sustainable and low-carbon future, and will explore the following topics:

  • Financing gas supply, CCS/CCUS projects, and net-zero solutions
  • Regulatory frameworks for carbon pricing and renewable energy mandates, to facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy landscape.
  • Financing options like public-private partnerships, green bonds, and impact investing.
  • Private sector investments in future energy, including renewables, energy storage, and hydrogen.
  • Exploring the power of green financing and specialized financial products.
Mabel Tan, Director, Regional Energy Sector - CIMB
Deepak Thakur, Vice President, Economics and Business Planning - Hibiscus Petroleum
Liza Mustapha, Executive Vice President & Group Chief Financial Officer - PETRONAS
Sumrid Sumneing, Executive Vice President, Finance & Accounting Group - PTTEP
Eithne Treanor, Executive Moderator - OTC Asia