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Technical Panel 1: Unleashing the Power of AI and Automation

Wednesday, 28 February
Conference Hall 3, Level 3
Technical Panel

Artificial Intelligence has quickly become one of the most talked about technologies and has the potential to significantly alter how businesses are run across industries.  The energy sector, with its complex operations, strong dependencies on myriad systems and tools, multi-disciplinary decision making, and abundance of data, is ripe to reap benefits from AI.  AI can be applied across the value chain, from exploration and drilling to production, refining, chemicals, and overall business strategy.  On top of this, the new field of Gen AI has opened up new opportunities, especially in ensuring safer and more efficient operations.  Despite the immense promise of AI, companies still struggle to fully capture the promised value and deploy the technology at the required scale. This session will therefore cover:

  • Where AI promises to have the biggest impacts across the value chain.
  • Examples of use cases that the industry has witnessed delivering value.
  • How Gen AI can play a role in operations and the challenges for leaders to consider.
  • Gearing for enterprise-level success in AI.
  • Common pitfalls when deploying AI, especially at scale.
  • Considerations for leaders in an AI-centric world.
  • What the future holds in terms of new technologies.
Maged Mabrook Yaslam, Vice President, Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Sequestration - ADNOC
Adnan Bu Fateem, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations - Mubadala Energy
M Nasri Jamaluddin, Head, Enterprise Architecture, Upstream Technology, Digital & Innovation - PETRONAS
Lyndsey Lomas , Vice President Digital, Asia - SLB
Sulabh Dhanuka, Snr Director – Industrial Solutions - Baker Hughes