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TS36 Technical Session 36: Carbon Reduction: Reservoir - Studies / R&D 2

Thursday, 29 February
Room 406-407, Level 4
Technical Session
Pankaj Tiwari - PETRONAS
Ahmed Radwan - Jagiellonian University
  • 1600-1620 34991
    Unveiling Carbon Capture And Storage (CCS) Prospects: A Basin-scale Assessment Of The Basin A, Central Thailand
    C. Centhonglang, K. Chenoll, T. Ketmalee, S. Mahamat, P. Thamniyom, N. Kovitkanit, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd.
  • 1620-1640 34941
    The Study Of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Trapping Behaviour In Carbonate Reservoirs Through Pore-scale Imaging Analysis
    Y.Y. Foo, M.Z. Kashim, A.H. Mazeli, R.D. Tewari, PETRONAS; H.P. Menke, K. Singh, Heriot-Watt University
  • 1640-1700 34944
    Evaluating The Viability Of Gas Development In A Large Contaminated Offshore Field Through In-situ CO2 Sequestration In An Associated Aquifer: Screening And Feasibility Study
    P. Tiwari, PETRONAS
  • Alternate 34986
    Feasibility Of Long-Term CO2 Sequestration In Deep-Sea Sediments Considering Flow, Thermal, Geomechanical, And Chemical Processes
    J. Zhang, L. Zhang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; G. Moridis, Texas A&M U.; H. Lu, Peking U.
  • Alternate 34953
    Assessment Of ScCo2 Surface Thermodynamics In Shale Reservoir: Mechanisms And Case Analysis
    P. Naveen, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum U.; D.D. Mondal, Coal India Ltd.
  • Alternate 34933
    CO2 Injection Decarbonisation Assessment With Digital Cloud Technologies For Pathway To Net Zero Carbon Emissions 2050
    R. Raja Kamal Tauphy, M. Razak, PETRONAS; Y. Seah, SLB; R. Mazlan, Z. Mokhtar, PETRONAS