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Technical Session 39: Paving the Way to Success with Innovative Completion Strategies and New Technologies

Friday, 1 March
Room 403-404, Level 4
Technical Session
Mohd Farris Bakar - PETRONAS
Noppanan Nopsiri, Senior Engineer, Well Engineering - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd.
  • 0900-0920 34636
    Well Completions Optimisations Using Interventionless Packer Setting Device for HPHT Wells
    C.A. Robertson, Precision Oiltools Limited; A. Ab Latif, O. Lorwongngam, S. Yusoff, Hess Corporation; B. Scott, Precision Oiltools Limited
  • 0920-0940 34654
    Successful Installation Polymer Screen as Primary Sand Control in Onshore and First Stackable System in Offshore Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    A. Mahardhini, F.A. Muhammad, W. Warno, W. Yahya, S.A. Pratomo, Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur; P. Adinda, F.C. Atmanindar, M.R. Soeparmono, Pertamina Hulu Sanga-Sanga
  • 0940-1000 34678
    Pre-Installed Cable Protectors can Reduce RIH Time for Completions
    J. Bibby, Vallourec
  • 1000-1020 34689
    World’s First Fishbone Openhole Gravel Packing Using Shunted Gravel-Pack System: A Case History from Bohai Bay, China
    M. Wei, Ocean University of China/ Shengli Oilfield Branch, SinoPEC; X. Cun, Shengli Oilfield Branch, SinoPEC; Y. Liu, M.C. Teoh, N. Moses, G. Zhao, X. Liu, SLB; X. Ren, Y. Zhang, Shengli Oilfield Branch, SinoPEC; J. Hua, SLB