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Technical Session 44: Carbon Reduction: Reservoir & Seal Integrity

Friday, 1 March
Room 406-407, Level 4
Technical Session
Syahrir Ridha - Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Pankaj Kumar Tiwari - PETRONAS
  • 1100-1120 34647
    Geomechanical Risk Analysis for Feasibility Assessment and Evaluation of CO2 Injection and Long-term Storage
    C. Tan, I.H. Musa, N. Nik Kamaruddin, PETRONAS
  • 1120-1140 34557
    Multiscale Imaging in Understanding Pore Structure and Alignment of Seal Rock for Long Term CO2 Containment
    W.M. Sazali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; J. Buckman, J. Ma, Heriot-Watt University; R.J. Leite, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; O. Plumper, Utrecht University; A. Busch, Heriot-Watt University
  • 1140-1200 34653
    Utilising Machine Learning Power to Predict the Performance of Carbon Dioxide Trapping in Saline Aquifers
    M.A. Alkhowaildi, Saudi Aramco
  • 1200-1220 34655
    A Geomechanical Approach to Assess the Effects of Stress State on Fault and Caprock Stability in Underground Gas Storage (UGS): A Case Study from Northwest China
    C. Zhang, B. Liu, L. Wei, L. Kang, PetroChina Xinjiang Oil Field Development Company; S. Xu, PetroChina Xibu Drilling Geological Research Institute; S. Wang, O. See Hong, Y. Zhou, H. Yu, Baker Hughes