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Technical Session 47: Carbon Reduction: Reservoir - Wells

Friday, 1 March
Room 406-407, Level 4
Technical Session
Zahris Sham Abu Musa, Director, Malaysia - SLB
Avirup Chatterjee - Baker Hughes
  • 1430-1450 34674
    Specialised Carbon Dioxide Self-Healing Cement System Engineered for Carbon Capture and Storage Well in Norwegian Continental Shelf
    J.S. Knowles, C.R. Johnson, N. Liapunova, H. Syslak, SLB
  • 1450-1510 34670
    AI Driven Carbon Storage Well Connectivity - A Kemper Co2 Storage Analysis
    K. Katterbauer, A. Qasim, A. Al Shehri, A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco
  • 1510-1530 35000
    Near Well Supercritical CO2 Injectivity Study in Depleted Clastic Gas Field in Offshore Malaysia
    M.Z. Kashim, S. Md Shah, M. M Arof, Z. Harom-Haron, K. Khairuddin, R.D. Tewari, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1530-1550 34650
    Co2 Absorption Inside the Wellbore for Oil Wells
    S.A. Alaklubi, Al-Khafji Joint Operations