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ABB: Navigating the Energy Transition in Asia: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Innovations

28 Feb 2024
Energy Theatre, Hall 6, Level 1

This broad session can be broken down to sub-topics for a more focused discussion around trends industry players see, such as: 

  • Technology Transition: Discussing the adoption of new technologies and exploring challenges and successes in integrating renewable energy solutions 
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Discussing vulnerabilities and identifying potential bottlenecks and solutions for a resilient supply chain and collaborative efforts to address ethical sourcing and sustainability in the supply chain.
  • Decarbonising existing assets: Strategies to repurpose or evolutionise existing infrastructure, especially on role of digitalisation 
  • Infrastructure Challenges: Examining the need for robust infrastructure to support renewable energy growth and public-private partnerships to address infrastructure challenges in the transition
Khaleef Khan, Vice President, Oil, Gas & Offshore Wind, Process Automation, Energy Industries, Asia - ABB