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MOGSC: The Journey - Success Stories by Malaysian SMEs

28 Feb 2024
OTC Asia Stage, Hall 5, Ground Level

This insightful session features presentations by four local Malaysian companies that have not only conquered the challenges of the business world but have demonstrated success in various domains.

Each company will illuminate the audience with their remarkable journey, recounting the pivotal moments that defined their success. These Malaysian trailblazers, carefully selected based on their outstanding achievements during the previous OGSE Innovation Award and SME Award conducted by MOGSC in September 2023, will generously share their experiences.

They will shed light on the pain points, challenges faced, and strategic maneuvers that propelled them forward. Discover firsthand how these companies navigated the complexities of the business world and successfully secured a position to become market leaders. Gain valuable insights into the intricate fabric of their achievements as they elaborate on sustainable practices, critical decision-making processes, and the unique opportunities that paved their path to prosperity.

This session is tailor-made for newcomers and burgeoning enterprises venturing into the Oil, Gas, and Energy (OGSE) business. Aspiring entrepreneurs will find inspiration and practical guidance as they absorb the hard-won wisdom of those who have triumphed before them. Beyond a mere showcase of success, "The Journey" aims to instill confidence and motivation, fostering an environment where new companies can thrive, succeed, and contribute to the rich tapestry of Malaysian SME success stories.

Azhar Zainal Abidin, CEO/Director - Proeight Sdn Bhd
Chin Kiat See, CEO - NGLTech Sdn Bhd
Daniel Lee, COO - Synergy Engineering Sdn Bhd