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PCMC: Balancing Occupational Health with Diabetes Management

01 Mar 2024
Energy Theatre, Hall 6, Level 1

The management of diabetes while balancing work requires strategic and appropriate planning to ensure optimal health. In this health talk with Dr. Malathi Karupiah, Consultant Endocrinologist & Internal Medicine at Prince Court Medical Centre, she explores ways to manage diabetes effectively, especially in jobs with potential risks. She will elaborate how diabetes can affect job performance and safety, emphasising the need for tailored solutions to address these challenges.

Dr. Malathi will also share the benefits of technology such as continuous glucose monitoring in real-time. This device helps to keep track of glucose levels and allows for proactive steps to manage diabetes care with work responsibilities while promoting overall well-being and sustained productivity.

Malathi Karupiah, Consultant Endocrinologist & Internal Medicine - Prince Court Medical Centre