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Reservoir Link: Boron Treated ERTTSS and XMAX for Water Control

29 Feb 2024
OTC Asia Stage, Hall 5, Ground Level

Boron Treated ERTTSS
Boron treated/diffused Erosion Resistant Through Tubing Sand Screen (ERTTSS) is constructed using conventional wire-wrapped sand screen (WWSS). The WWSS design features a simple open structure without base pipe thus providing more surface areas for fluid and gas flow, making it versatile for various installation requirements. The distinctive aspect of this design lies in the boriding process, where the WWSS undergoes treatment with Boron Carbide in a furnace, creating an exceptionally hard and wear-resistant surface layer in addition to enhancing resistance against high-speed erosion as well as corrosion.

XMAX for Water Control
XMAX is an innovative water shut‐off technology, which is used to create a permanent barrier in the water producing zones of the reservoir. It is a three‐component system which is spiked into filtered seawater or fresh water immediately before pumping into the selected water producing zone. Once blended, XMAX slowly reacts to form an insoluble scale. This controlled reaction allows the fluid to pass through the well and enter the reservoir before precipitating in the pore throats of the rock.



Anwarudin Saidu Mohamed, CEO - Reservoir Link Solutions Sdn Bhd
Mohd Fadzli Hamidun, CEO - RL ProTech Sdn Bhd
Marc Archibald, Global Technical Development Manager - Italmatch Chemicals GB Ltd