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SLB: Neuro™ Autonomous Solutions

28 Feb 2024
Energy Theatre, Hall 6, Level 1

Neuro™ autonomous solutions use connected intelligent systems that create a continuous feedback loop between surface and downhole. This increases efficiency and operational consistency while reducing human intervention, assuring performance and safety and enabling fully autonomous operations. It is based on intelligent planning and execution, surface automation, and downhole automation. Deployed across the well lifecycle, these solutions improve how the industry constructs and decommissions wells, proves and connects reservoirs, sustains production, and maximizes recovery.

During well construction, Neuro solutions use cloud-based software and intelligent systems to deliver directional drilling steering autonomy. Using AI with surface and downhole automation, self-determined steering sequences deliver the well trajectory. During drilling, a real-time feedback loop between an intelligent downhole system and a surface advisory system automates downlinks, reducing control loop time, risk, and drilling emissions and increasing efficiency.

During intervention, Neuro solutions at the edge ensure safer, more efficient, and dependable operations while eliminating internet reliance. With the power of AI, operations can run autonomously from rig-up to rig-down with a single click—an industry first. Operational data is consistently captured along with lessons learned to systematically improve. Actionable insights are available in hours, not days—enabling decisions to be made within operational timeframes. This is achieved for well integrity and plug setting services and soon for reservoir evaluation services, slickline, and coiled tubing.

By leveraging these solutions in Performance Live™ connected service, we can now effectively reduce field personnel, travel, HSE risks, and environmental impact without inhibiting performance to support our carbon footprint reduction.

Benjamin Durand, Wireline Digital Edge Intelligence Program Manager - SLB
Ziad Akkaoui, WEC Digital Champion Drilling Execution - SLB