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TGT Diagnostics: Green Horizons - Advancing Low-Carbon Solutions in Oil and Gas Through Innovative Well Surveillance

29 Feb 2024
Energy Theatre, Hall 6, Level 1

As suppliers of oil and gas energy to society, our industry has a vital role to play in helping it achieve a lower-carbon future. With oil demand remaining significant for the coming decades, prioritising the use of low-carbon intensity CI oils is a crucial global consideration for climate change. At the same time, the marginal and mature fields amid production decline are associated with an extensive carbon footprint during the production stage. Our goal is to deliver energy through the transition but with a significantly lower environmental impact.

The session will present what place well surveillance has in the journey towards sustainable low-carbon industry future and how proactive diagnostics can help operators reduce emissions by improving water management during injection and production, reduce fugitive methane venting and leaks, improve resource efficiency for infrastructure and during operations, secure abandoned wells. In addition, it will also present a general overview of the current status for oil and gas industry emission levels and few successful case studies how operators managed to reduce emissions using the results of "green" well diagnostics. 

Artur Giniyatullin, Domain Champion - TGT Diagnostics