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Technical Session 14: IOR and EOR Lab and Simulations Study

Wednesday, 28 February
Room 401-402, Level 4
Technical Session
Seyed Mousavi Mirkalaei - CMG
Johannes Bon - Petrolab Australia
  • 1620-1640 34801
    A Comprehensive Simulation Study Of Polymer Enhanced CO2 Injection In Light Oil Reservoirs
    R. Laochamroonvorapongse, F. Srisuriyachai, J. Chewaroungroaj, Chulalongkorn U.
  • 1640-1700 34752
    Smart Water Flood In Carbonate Reservoirs: An Integrated Analysis Through And Zeta Potentiometric And Simulation Studies
    V. Srivastava, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.; H. Sarma, U. of Calgary; S. Mitra, G. Gopal, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.; J. Phirani, S.K. Gupta, IIT DELHI
  • 1700-1720 34771
    Investigating The Effect Of Surfactants On Co2 And Crude Oil Minimum Miscible Pressure Through Molecular Dynamics Simulation
    W. Li, Xi'an Petroleum U.; Z. Dong, SLB Oilfield Services
  • Alternate 34929
    New Innovative Coated Crosslinked Polymer System To Minimise Unwanted Water Production At Offshore Peninsular Malaysia Wells
    N.A. Aziz, J. Lee, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; A.A. Roslan, U. College London; N. Mahbud, I. Dzulkarnain, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; S. Kwon, Dong-A U.; Y. Nathan, M. Saiful Ulum, M. Mazuni, N.A. Deraman, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; R. Deo Tewari, PETRONAS; M. Jaafar, U. Teknologi Malaysia; B. Negash, U. Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Alternate 34927
    Synergistic Interaction Of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide Grafted Silica Nanoparticles With Low Salinity Water To Improve Oil Recovery In Carbonate Reservoirs.
    S. Farad, N. Nassar, J. Aboabudulla, U. of Calgary
  • Alternate 34839
    Application Of Novel Synthesised Biosurfactant For Enhanced Oil Recovery In Sandstone Cores
    A. Gbadamosi, King Fahd U. of Petroleum & Minerals; A. Yusuff, Afe Babalola U.; A.A. Agi, U. Malaysia Pahang
  • Alternate 34861
    Numerical Simulation Of Flaxseed Gum Potential In Improving Oil Recovery: Focus On Offshore Kazakhstan
    A. Abbas, N. keldibayev, P. Pourafshary, Nazarbayev U.