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Technical Session 38: Challenges and Advancements in Deepwater Design and Production II

Friday, 1 March
Room 401-402, Level 4
Technical Session
Steven Hammond - WORLEY
Mohamed Latheef - Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • 0900-0920 34999
    The New Era Of Subsea Production System
    M. Müller, SLB; B. Sommer, Onesubsea
  • 0920-0940 34641
    Advancement In Rotating Control Devices Used In Deepwater Operations: Review Of Design And Operation
    N. Kulkarni, A. Gonzalez-Luis, Blade Energy Partners
  • 0940-1000 34635
    Recent Active Heating Breakthrough And New Opportunities For Deepwater Tie-back
    R. Ahmad, Subsea 7 Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.; X. Michel, Y. Minier, Subsea 7
  • 1000-1020 34671
    Challenges And Solutions For Deepwater Subsea Pipeline Design: A Case Study On Chinese Longest Distance Multiphase Pipeline Tieback In Ls25-1 Project In South China Sea
    Y. Zhang, China Offshore Oil Engineering Company (COOEC)
  • Alternate 34659
    Shell Malaysia 1st Deepwater Acid Stimulation
    C. Low, Sarawak Shell Berhad
  • Alternate 34554
    Highlights And Unique Lessons Learnt From Multiple Interventions On A Deepwater Asset In Malaysia.
    V. Vevakanandan, Sarawak Shell Berhad; C. Lai, Sarawak Shell Bhd; N. Zaidil, Sarawak Shell Berhad; A. Ting, Shell
  • Alternate 34693
    Largest Primary Cement Job In The World?
    A.G. Anghel, A. Ahrenst, C. Johnson, A. Rublevskyi, SLB
  • Alternate 34673
    Intelligent Optimisation Of The Overall Layout Of Ultra-deep Water Dynamic Umbilical Cables
    H. Zhu, R. Xue, D. Xu, J. Yang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing