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6 Reasons Why You Should Submit an Abstract

Attendees   Organisations  

Participate in an international multi-disciplinary, inter-society energy conference and exhibition

Boost your company’s profile at a renowned industry event

Speakers  Conference Sessions

Contribute to technical knowledge transfer on a global platform

Highlight your technical knowledge and experience with like-minded peers

Tech Sessions  SPEX

Share new technologies and best practices with the offshore energy community

Have your paper published in the multi-society library, OnePetro

Check out the list of Paper Proposal Categories

List of paper proposal categories / areas of interest

Paper proposal categories (listed below) are used to direct the paper proposals to the appropriate subject-matter experts for evaluation.  Please indicate the category designation on the online form where indicated.

Carbon and Emissions Management

  • Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilisation (CCUS)
  •  Decarbonisation and Climate Technologies
  •  Decarbonising Existing Assets/Operations
  •  Methane Management and Mitigation
  • Storage Resource Management

Decommissioning and Abandonment


  • Deepwater Design and Development
  • Deepwater Energy Efficiency
  • Deepwater Production
  • Station Keeping in Deepwater: Mooring vs Dynamic Positioning
  • Ultra Deepwater/Net-Zero Approaches and Strategies

Digital and Data

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Data Science/Big Data
  • Digital Operations
  • Remote Operations
  • Smart Field Technologies

Drilling and Completions

  • Cementing and Drilling Fluids
  • Drilling Technology
  • Wells Construction and Completion Technology


Facilities Engineering and Asset Integrity

  • Installation/Construction/Pipelay and Operations
  • Materials, Corrosion, Insulation, and Inspection
  • Oil and Gas Facilities Security
  • Pipelines
  • Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF)
  • Technical Integrity and Process Safety
  • Turbomachinery

FLNG and Floating Production Systems

Future Energy: Offshore Renewable/Marine Based Energy

  • Blue Energy/Salinity Gradient Power/Ocean Thermal Energy
  • Geothermal/Geo Energy
  •  Hydrogen
  • Solar
  •  Wave/Tidal
  • Wind/Floating Wind

Geotechnical, Geoscience, and Geophysics  

Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility

  • Digitalisation in HSE - Remote Inspection, Automation
  • Emergency Response and Recovery
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Environmental Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Framework
  • Minimising Environmental Discharge
  • Operational HSE
  • Sensors and Measurements for Environmental Hazards

International Standards – Simplification in Requirements


Marginal and Mature Fields

Marine and Deepsea Mining


Offshore Exploration

Production and Operations

  • Artificial Lift
  • Flow Assurance
  • High CO2 and Contaminated Fields
  • Integrated Operations
  • Production Maintenance and Chemistry
  • Subsea Production and Processing System

Project Management, Economics, and Contracting

  • EPC Project Management
  • Field Development Planning, Strategies, and Methodologies
  • Governance and Regulations
  • Project Economics

Reservoir Engineering and Technology

  • Basement Plays
  • Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Gas Development
  • Reservoir Characterisation
  • Reservoir Modelling Technology
  • Reservoir Surveillance Technology
  • Tight Wells

Sand Management

Supply Chain and Logistics

Unconventional Resources

Submission Guideline

A proper review of your paper proposal requires that it contain adequate information on which to make a judgement.  The suggested limit of 225 - 450 words should not be constraining if the paper proposal is limited to the following factual highlights.

  • Objective/Scope: Outline the objective and/or scope of the proposed paper. If the paper is a review paper, carefully state the extent of the coverage.
  • Methods, Procedures, Process: Briefly explain your overall approach, including your methods, procedures, and process.
  • Results, Observations, and Conclusions: Describe the results, observations, and conclusions of the proposed paper.
  • Novel/Additive Information: Please explain how this paper will present novel (new) or additive information to the existing body of literature that can be of benefit to and/or add to the state of knowledge in the petroleum industry.

The paper proposal should have the necessary clearance before it is submitted to OTC Asia 2024.